Personalised patient care for better health outcomes


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Efficient & streamlined reproducible care

  • Minimize costly and repetitive patient inquiries
  • Improve your treatment efficiency by reproducing best-practices
  • Embrace digital tools and improve your bottom line.

Increased understanding & compliance

  • Keep patients on-track to achieve treatment goals
  • Provide personalized information to reduce non-compliance
  • Reduce costs for both patient and practitioner

Transparency around procedures

  • Demystify complex procedures with personalized information
  • Reduce patient anxiety and apprehension
  • Better rapport and greater likelihood of long-term success

Improved two way Communication

  • Build genuine connections by overcoming obstacles like distance
  • Boost engagement by including patients in goal setting
  • Empower patients to self-manage pre & post procedures

Connecting practitioners & patients

Calm & informed customers allows care providers to deliver more effective & holistic guidance leading to better health outcomes & experiences.
Create & Re-Use Content

Create, re-use, adapt & improve your care.

Create care plans & schedules you can repeat, adapt & improve to provide the best possible care.
  • Easily create complex care plans & programs
  • Set start & finish dates for all tasks as well as flagging critical items for patients.
  • Duplicate & personalise any piece of content
  • Save time by not repeating unnecessary tasks

Use Images, Video & Forms
Dashboard Analytics
See Patient Progress
Deliver Critical Info

Connected Health Stats

Healthcare systems that adopt connected and supportive technological solutions experience:


In cost savings

20-30% cost savings as a result of reduced patient re-admission and non-compliance.


More access

35% rise in patient access to services


Overall improvement

20% improvement to patient outcomes


Patients want more info

1/3 Of phone calls to hospitals are requests for basic information about treatments and therapies


Want easy & online care

59% Of patients want their digital healthcare experiences to be as easy & convenient as online retail


Want personalised care

1-2 Patients actively want to partner with their healthcare providers for personalized treatment

See what better care looks like

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