Improve outcomes with connected care

Improve Efficiency and Decrease Costs

Answer patient questions before they arise by providing them with a comprehensive flow of information.

By giving your patients all the information they need you can reduce the number of repetitive procedural questions on you and your admin team, saving time and resources. This helps keeps patients informed effortlessly, reducing the chance of readmission or costly setbacks.

These flows can be reproduced and adapted for new patients, allowing you to duplicate and repeat your best-in-class clinical treatment pathways every time. Leverage off industry best-practice and share your successes with colleagues.


Increased Understanding and Compliance.

Keep your patients on-track to achieve their treatment goals by giving them the information they need when they need to hear it.

Practitioners who use emerging technology to help patients keep track of essential treatment guidelines experience lower rates of re-admission and patient non-compliance.

By going beyond generic flyers and providing a personalized treatment roadmap you encourage patients to do what you need them to do in a more effective way, saving you both time and resources.


Transparency about Procedures

Some treatments and therapies are complicated and difficult for patients to understand.

By preparing patients for all the different aspects of a procedure and treatment pathway practitioners help to demystify the process, reducing patient apprehension and anxiety of the unknown.

When you teach patients what to expect physically, mentally, emotionally and logistically in pre-admission, they are more likely to meet discharge criteria earlier. With the proper preparation you can help provide a seamless transition of care to the patient’s home-based support network.


Improved two way Communication

An open line of communication is essential to achieving the best possible outcomes for both the patient and medical professional.

Patients who are connected to their healthcare team outside the consultation room are more engaged with their treatment and feel genuinely connected to their care team and management guidelines.

Clear, two-way communication helps to provide information to patients in a way they can recall, engage with and apply themselves. It helps patients to feel empowered over the course of their treatment, regardless of where they are located or how long they have between visits.

Create, re-use, adapt & improve your care.

Create care plans & schedules you can repeat, adapt & improve to provide the best possible care.
  • Easily create complex care plans & programs
  • Set start & finish dates for all tasks as well as flagging critical items for patients.
  • Duplicate & personalise any piece of content
  • Save time by not repeating unnecessary tasks

Engage patients with tailored content

Get your patients attention by using video's, images, forms & more
  • Preview your content before it's published to the arro app.
  • Full control over your content.
  • Flexible text editor allowing well-formatted information.
  • A modern platform to extend your practices reach.

No obligation demo

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Real-time Dashboard & Analytics

See a holistic view of your practice at a glance & any important notifications daily.
  • Be a step ahead with patients flagged for review.
  • Gain insights into your best performing content.
  • Review patient message threads to respond effectively

Clearly See Patient Progress

Review a patient's detailed progress across their set goals & key care steps at anytime.
  • Review care plan progress & steps live.
  • Allocate a patients conditions & care plans.
  • Patients set & report on their own goals.
  • Update patient profiles & review a patients history.

Critical information is always delivered

Improve compliance & patient understanding with key information never being missed.
  • Set tasks & care steps as critical to complete.
  • Patients repeatedly prompted to complete critical steps.
  • Reduce cancellations with procedure stopping information being delivered & complied with.

See what better care looks like

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